Translation + Proofreading (TP)

For budget-sensitive projects

This 2-stage approach allows for quality translations while keeping costs down.  It is cheaper than TEP and is a good choice for texts and documents intended for a less formal use.


Step 1 – Translation

Based on the subject and target, it is our job to take the text and render the translation appropriate for the intended audience, to localize the message and convey it in an equivalent, culturally-sensitive manner.

Of course, we will implement, and strictly follow, your translation memories, terminology databases, brand guides and style guides.


Step 2 – Proofreading

This process is not performed by the translator. Instead, this task is performed by another person with the appropriate competence in the source and target languages.

All proofreading tasks are assigned to professional linguists with specialist knowledge of the subject area as well as vast experience working in the translation language.

The proofreader who reviews the target text — checking its suitability and fluency — is a native speaker of the target language and is also well versed in the terminology, style and brand guide, the keys that have now given “voice” to the client’s brand in the target language

Our proofreading services include:

  • Improving fluency and style
  • Suggesting improvements in syntax and conciseness
  • Correcting any misunderstandings and ambiguities, checking against the source text for inconsistencies
  • Considering style and vocabulary
  • Ensuring that industry-specific terminology is used
  • Checking spelling, punctuation and the localization of units, numbers and names


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