We offer subtitling services for corporate videos and presentations, advertising campaigns, safety awareness videos and much more.

We use highly professional software and specialise in turnkey delivery of videos with subtitles in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German and other languages as well.

Quick quotations: the advanced technologies we use enable us to quickly produce cost estimates for videos of any length, even without a written script.

Why use subtitles

Subtitling is cheaper than dubbing or voice-over. Moreover, with subtitling a video can reach an even broader audience, including the deaf and hard of hearing. Lastly, this choice “respects” the video, leaving it intact for those who do understand the original language and without modifying the audio. It merely superimposes words without obstructing the on-screen images.

Entrust the creation of your subtitles to experts who are well versed in the techniques. You will avoid unpleasant results, such as subtitles that are too fast or too long. We know how to condense the essence of the message, transforming it into simple, easily grasped words. The result is a perfect end-product that your audience will appreciate.

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of our subtitling skills

Courtesy: APPEA Ltd.


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