Who is afraid of Machine Translation?
We are not!

We believe in taking advantage of the full potential of Machine Translation. Thus we offer our clients professional post-editing services, providing them with precise, complete translations at significantly lower prices.

Post-editing — the process of correcting Machine Translation output so that it meets human quality criteria — makes it possible to translate large volumes very quickly.

While MTPE is not suitable to all types of translations, we believe a considerable number of projects can be handled smoothly in this manner. After pre-translating the text using advanced MT technology, we carefully review the automatically translated content, checking it against termbases and translation memories to ensure that your specific terminology is always applied. The result maximizes the potential of Machine Translation to meet your quality objectives. The final product is a document which reads as though it were written by a human being. 

“We recommend this service for fellow language service providers and vendors looking for an experienced business partner who can undertake extremely demanding translation projects — on time and on budget — while still producing truly outstanding quality, precision, and accuracy.”

We specialize in the following language combinations:
English to Italian
French to Italian
German to Italian
Spanish to Italian

Our reference guidelines for Machine Translation Post-Editing (light post-editing and full post-editing) are ISO 18587 and ISO 17100.

“We believe in technology as a quality-enhancing tool.
With it, you can get the best deal at the best possible price.



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